Back pain


Osteopathic medicine is dedicated to the treatment and healing of the entire patient, rather than approaching a patient's symptoms in a crisis-oriented, one spot only approach. With this approach, Osteopathic Physicians are able to treat virtually any illness or trauma. Therefore, dysfunction in one area affects other areas as well.

For example, a patient came to Dr. Crook with complaints of upper back pain and the patient wanted to know why he was spending most of his time on the patient's legs. Dr. Crook explained that the legs were pulling on the back which restricted motion, and unless he freed these restrictions, the pain would persist. Much to this patient's amazement, the pain improved dramatically without even touching his back.

The following are just some of the many different types of problems that Dr. Crook is able to help. Osteopathic medical care is suitable for patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly.

Pain can be successfully managed through Osteopathic Manipulation and Medical Treatments with a focus on achieving long-term pain control by addressing the root causes.

In addition, osteopathic treatments can be successful in treating: