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Robert A. Crook, D.O.
One Siskin Plaza, Suite 102
Chattanooga, TN 37403

(423) 634-4242

Fax: (423) 634-4243

From the North:

I-75 SouthTake I-75 South

I-24 WestMerge onto I-24 W via EXIT 2 toward CHATTANOOGA / I-59 / BIRMINGHAM. Go 6.3 miles

North 27Merge onto US-27 N via EXIT 178 toward DOWNTOWN / LOOKOUT MT / MARKET ST. Go 2.2 miles

Exit 1CTake the 4TH STREET exit, EXIT 1C, toward DOWNTOWN. Go 0.2 mi

slight right arrowTurn SLIGHT RIGHT onto W 4TH ST. Go 0.9 miles.

left arrowTurn LEFT onto SISKIN DR. Go 0.3 mi.

straight arrowSISKIN DR becomes SISKIN PLAZA.

From the South:

I-75 NorthMerge onto I-75 N

From the West:

I-24 EastTake I-24 E

Exit 178North 27Merge onto US-27 N via EXIT 178 toward CHATTANOOGA / DOWNTOWN. Go 1.6 mi